Tom Lawry

Image of Tom Lawry as part of article on Health Reform in the United States.

In one way or another, I’ve spent my entire career in and around healthcare. It’s such a noble cause that needs our help.

As Director of Worldwide Health for Microsoft I have the privilege of working with clinical and health leaders who are focused on using data and technology to create new models for transforming health systems.

Somewhere along the way I realized that making the current system more efficient is not enough. We need to fundamentally rethink and reengineer the systems we count on to keep us well and take care of us when we are not.

As a former hospital executive, I learned firsthand about how the health system works. Driven by economics that reward illness, I became very good at knowing how to generate revenue taking care of people who were sick…but learned little about systems to keep people well.

As an entrepreneur I spent time in the venture-backed world creating software to better engage patients and consumers with health systems that often don’t actually know what to do with a truly-engaged consumer.

Fall 2018: Meeting with U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H., to discuss priorities of America’s top public health doctor.

As a citizen, I’m amazed at how the health reform debate is mainly confined to having elected officials argue over how to spend money for a medical-intervention system without taking a broader view of the issues that should be part of the conversation. Like social and environmental determinants, population and public health and other opportunities to make our investments have a much higher return in generating and maintaining better health and well being for all.

Stockholm 2017: Speaker at Nobel Forum for Health and Medicine (the folks who give out the Nobel Prize for Medicine)

There are many complexities to the health delivery system and the economics associated with it. But underneath these complexities are “trends and truths” that any American that wants to have a say in the reform debate can and should understand.

And so, Health Reform Now is dedicated to supporting those choosing to step up and have their voices heard in the health reform debate.

…May you find value that strengthens your resolve to make things better.


ipsa scientia potestas est
(Knowledge Itself is Power)